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Red App Sample Plug-ins

Sabre Red 360 Software Development Kit includes sample Red App plug-ins. - Demonstrates the ShowInEmulator and ExecuteInEmulator communications services, and retrieval of agent work area data - Demonstrates the Sabre emulator intercept and markup services - Demonstrates asynchronous listening for events - Sends Sabre GDS (host) commands directly to the Sabre GDS and provides the Encode/Decode Service - Sends the 1DFWLAX command to the Sabre  GDS (host) and returns a response in SDS format - Demonstrates sending and wrapping a Sabre Web Services REST request using the Sabre Web Services communications service. It locks the session while the service is running - Demonstrates sending and wrapping a Sabre Web Services SOAP request using the Sabre Web Services communications service. It locks the session while the service is running - Wraps a JavaScript based web app with the command intercept and markup services

com.sabre.redapp.example.conditional.activation - Illustrates the display of menu entries conditionally, based on an active workbench element. This is an example of advanced conditional activation.

com.sabre.redapp.example.editor.basic - Incorporates a basic editor, basic menu contributions, notification services, and status lines

com.sabre.redapp.example.firstrun - Performs an action on the first launch of a plug-in by displaying a pop-up dialog

com.sabre.redapp.example.logger - Demonstrates the use of all features in the ILoggerService class

com.sabre.redapp.example.longrunning - Long running operation in a plug-in outside the UI thread

com.sabre.redapp.example.resources - Use of resources in a plug-in and the workspace

com.sabre.redapp.example.scribe - Includes a Sabre Scribe script that triggers a hidden script, and the ability to read and write to and from files in a plug-in. Active listening for commands is also incorporated into this sample.

com.sabre.redapp.example.swing - Swing app with one-way communication from Swing to SWT

com.sabre.redapp.example.swt - Demonstrates workbench elements within Sabre Red 360

com.sabre.redapp.example.view.basic - Incorporates vertical and horizontal views with application sidebar properties, Agent Profile service, and internationalization services - Demonstrates usage of

com.sabre.redapp.example.webkit - WebKit based application showing examples of embedding WebKit in editors and views, usage of JavaScript APIs exposed by Sabre Red 360 and triggering JavaScript functions by Communication Framework Events and Services. - Wraps a JavaScript based WebKit application with the command intercept and markup services

com.sabre.redapp.example3.desktop.hint Sample - Demonstrates the use of a hint component

com.sabre.redapp.example3.desktop.linkpayment Sample - Demonstrates opening of a Link Payment form

com.sabre.redapp.example3.desktop.pnr Sample - This sample demonstrates accessing PNR, refreshing Trip Summary, refreshing profile preferences, and displaying graphical PNR

com.sabre.redapp.example3.desktop.sso Sample - This sample shows exemplary use of the desktop SSO service

com.sabre.redapp.example3.desktop.pricing.qualifiers Sample - This sample demonstrates how you can intercept and modify pricing qualifiers

com.sabre.redapp.example3.desktop.template Sample - Demonstrates how to work with templates in desktop Red Apps