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Red App Release Types and Version Numbers

Every release of a Red App bundle has one of the following types. The Red App release type affects the version as explained below.

First Release of a Red App

The first time a Red App bundle is submitted to Sabre for validation and certification, the required version number of the main Red App plug-in is qualifier.

    If a bundle does not undergo any changes between the first time that you submit it to Sabre and when it is published, the 1.0.0. date-timestamp qualifier is the original date-time stamp. In other words, do not change the version. It remains the same.

Corrected Bundle During Validation and Certification

Technically, a corrected bundle is not a release type, however, you may need to correct a failed bundle because your bundle did not meet established certification and validation requirements, or your Red App did not pass your certification criteria either in CERT or PROD.

If you correct a failed bundle in a Red App that has not been published, you are uploading a bundle as a correction. Increment the fourth part of the x.y.z.qualifier Red App version number. You may also increment the third part of the version number as needed.

Patch Release

If you have corrected bugs in a published Red App, upload your bundle as a patch.

Increment the third part of the main Red App version number.

Upgrade Release

An upgrade is made to a published Red App if the app has new or improved functionality. Sabre considers an upgrade to be a new product.

For an upgrade to a Red App, you must submit a new proposal and provide a new name for your Red App. If Sabre approves your proposal for an upgrade, Sabre assigns a new Red App ID.

In the case of an upgrade, increment either the first or second part of the main Red App version number.

It is recommended that you set the third part to 0.

Changing the fourth part is optional.

Change the versions of dependent plug-ins in the bundle that are impacted by an upgraded Red App according to the standards for Red App and plug-in versions.