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Red App Bundle Wizard

The Red App Bundle wizard creates a Red App plug-in project into a Red App bundle ZIP file.

This wizard automates the following tasks:

  • Digitally signs the JAR files within your plug-in project and the Red App bundle file that it creates with your key store, keypass, alias, and password that you specify

  • Generates the file, with bundle_id and bundle_version entries

  • Generates the bundle.crt file. This file is your digital certificate.

  • Creates or assumes that the names of the JAR files in the Red App ZIP file conform to this pattern: pluginID_plugversion.jar

  • Creates a bundle ZIP archive, with the main Red App plug-in and dependent plug-ins that you selected. This wizard places all plug-in JARs in the /plugin subdirectory, and it places the and bundle.crt files at the root of the Red App bundle ZIP file. The Red App Bundle wizard names the Red App bundle ZIP file in the format, which complies with the Red App standards.

  • Performs basic validation of a Red App to catch common errors before you submit your Red App bundle to Sabre. Validation includes detecting missing support contact details, ensuring that Bundle-Vendor and Bundle-Name have entries in the manifest, and validating redapp.xml against redapp_schema.xsd for minimally tags and attributes.

Before you run this wizard, create a destination folder and your key store, with keypass, alias, and password.

When you run this wizard, do the following:

  • Specify the destination folder for your bundle ZIP file

  • Choose plug-in projects from the current workspace

  • Choose one of the selected plug-ins to be the main Red App

When you are ready to create your Red App bundle ZIP file, review the procedures that show you how to use this wizard. The procedures also include a link to other preparation that you need to make.

For Red Apps that are not Sabre Scribe script plug-ins, complete the steps in Automatically Exporting a Plug-in Project as Bundle.

If your Red App is based on Sabre Scribe scripts, complete the steps in Automatically Exporting a Sabre Scribe Project as a Bundle.