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Red App Bundle Requirements

These requirements include layout, components (digital certificate bundle.crt,, JARs), JAR file names, bundle ZIP file name, size, and an example.

Standard Red App Bundle Layout

You are required to format the package for your Red App bundle according to the following example. This layout assumes that the Red App bundle ZIP file has the following name:








  • The bundle.crt and files must be located in the root of the bundle.

  • The main Red App plug-in JAR and dependent JARs are located in the /plugins folder.

  • Whether the functionality in a Red App is contained within a single project or distributed among multiple projects, all JARs for each plug-in project must be located in the plugins directory in the Red App bundle ZIP file layout.

Bundle Components: bundle.crt,, and JARs

The minimum components in a Red App bundle ZIP file are described below:

  • bundle.crt file. This file is the valid digital certificate of the provider of the Red App. The file is the actual certificate that a developer used to sign the files. The digital certificate must be valid for a minimum of 30 days, starting from the date that Sabre validates your submitted Red App. The certificate must be obtained from one of the vendors that Sabre approves.

  • file. This file contains important metadata about the Red App. The content of this file is explained below. is the Plug-in ID of the main Red App plug-in. For information about Plug-in IDs, see Main and Dependent Plug-in IDs.

        redapp.bundle.version is the 4-part version number of the main Red App plug-in. For information about plug-in versions, see Main Red App and Dependent Plug-in Versions.

        Sample Entries in
  • Digitally-signed JAR file for the main Red App plug-in

  • Digitally-signed JAR files for all dependent plug-ins

For information about digitally signing the JAR files and creating the file, see Preparing to Create and Upload a Red App Bundle. This topic describes several options for creating your bundle.

JAR File Names within a Red App Bundle

Requirements for all JAR file names within a Red App bundle are listed below.

        The format is Plug-in ID + _ separator + plug-in version + .jar

The main jar file has the following requirements:

  • The file name has a maximum of 100 characters.

  • The file conforms to Java conventions for JAR file names.

For examples of JAR file names, see Bundle and JAR File.

Red App Bundle ZIP File Name

The bundle ZIP file name has a maximum character count of 160. The file name can include alphanumeric characters, spaces, and underscore characters.

The format for the name of the Red App bundle ZIP file consists of the following parts:

        Red_App_Name_ + major.minor.patch. + date-time qualifier + .zip


Red_App_Name is the name of the main Red App plug-in in the bundle. This part of the ZIP file must match the name of the Red App that you used in your Red App proposal and the name in the Bundle-Name field in MANIFEST.MF of the main Red App plug-in.

_ separates the name from the version. The ZIP file name may exclude the underscore characters that separate the Red App name. qualifier is the release version of the main Red App plug-in. The version number part of the file name conforms to Red App versioning standards.

.zip is the file type.


The following examples show how the ZIP file name changes, based on several releases:

First release of a Red App:

First patch release:

First upgrade release:

Bundle Size

The maximum size of the complete bundle ZIP file is 32  MBytes.

Example of a Company, Bundle, and JAR File

Assume the following company and product names:

        Company name: Acme

        Company domain name:

        Red App marketing (product) name: London Trip Advisor+

The file names are as follows:

        Main Plug-in ID:

        Main plug-in version:

        Main JAR file name:

        Red App bundle ZIP file name: