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Red App Advisories

Compliance with Red App Requirements and Standards

You must examine your Sabre Red App projects to ensure that your plug-ins comply with all Red App requirements and standards.

Additionally, if you create a project that is based on the Red App sample plug-ins, you must put the content of the Sabre Red 360 classes into your own new classes and new packages. Sabre will not accept or certify Red Apps with classes or packages that are taken from Red App sample plug-ins.

Sabre Scan Charges

Both agency clients and Sabre Red App Certified Developers are billed for scan charges when they access Sabre GDS content through either the Sabre emulator or Sabre Web Services in the Production environment.

Agency customers are billed for scan charges whenever their client Red App consumes any of the Sabre Communications Services that are called by the Red App that is deployed to their Sabre Red 360 desktop. These scan charges are also applied to developers when they consume Sabre GDS content during development and testing of their applications.

Three types of scan charges may be applied: basic, fare, and search. Basic type scans cost less than fare or search type scans.

Sabre Red App certified developers may want to consider the types of scans that are associated with the applications they are developing. This may help with client design and user interaction by limiting the more expensive searches and caching responses.

As an example, Sabre Red App Certified Developers may impose constraints on the types of searches that end-users can do, and the quantity of searches they can perform. Letting end-users search for all availability and fares without specific dates is more expensive than searches based on specific dates.

Developers may also want to cache responses whenever it makes sense, but they must also be aware of limitations on the data that is retrieved from the Sabre GDS, such as the length of time for which data is valid.

The Sabre Red 360 Developer Toolkit does not limit flexibility when it comes to creating meaningful workflows for organizations and customers. However, there are efficient ways to build client applications and workflows to minimize scans, which helps to minimize costs to agency clients.

For more information about scan charges, please consult your Sabre Red App Developer Contract or contact your Sabre Account Manager.

Modification or Termination of Service or Red App

Sabre reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue the Red App Centre services or any part thereof at any time, with or without notice to you or without liability to Sabre.  Additionally, you acknowledge and agree that Sabre may suspend or deactivate any Red App which creates technical issues, unauthorized use, any impairment of Sabre GDS (Sabre System) integrity or use, or any other user`s access to or operation of the Sabre System, including, but not limited to:

1.  Red App stops responding

2.  Red App causes Sabre Red 360 or its plug-ins to freeze or shut down

3.  Red App causes issues by using too much memory or percentage of CPU capacity

4.  Red App causes problems or heavy traffic to Sabre server-side systems

5.  Red App uses provided API against unauthorized purpose or design

6.  Red App creates legal compliance issues

7.  Red App contains malicious code such as spyware