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React Components Overview

Sabre Red 360 provides React components Red App can use.

Available React Components

At the moment, Red Apps can use below components:

Simple Dropdown

Allows creating a Simple Dropdown with custom options list. You can read more info here: Simple Dropdown.

simple dropdown

Select Widget

Allows creating a Select Widget component with encode/decode support. You can read more info here: Select Widget.

select widget

Srw Date Picker

Allows creating Date Picker component with custom properties. You can read more info here: Srw Date Picker.

srw date picker

Drag and Drop

Allows uploading file by dragging them from file explorer into application. You can read more info here: Drag and Drop.

drag and drop

Custom Form

Allows creation of user-defined forms and using them as a React component. You can read more info here: Custom Form.

custom form


Detailed APIs of configs and interfaces used to configure side panels can be found in TypeScript API Documentation.


You can see examples of react components usage in com.sabre.redapp.example3.web.react.components sample. Also check com.sabre.redapp.example3.web.application.side.panels sample for example usage of the Custom Corm component and how to create it and communicate with parent component.