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Project Layout Requirements

The required layout of all plug-in projects within a Red App is shown in the next figure.

If you do not organize your projects and JAR files in this way, your Red App bundle will fail. The processes for creating a bundle and validating a bundle look for certain files and data within some of the files in this structure. Red Apps that include references to resources within a plug-in must also use this structure because Sabre Red 360 looks for those resources in this structure.


Plug-in Project Layout in Eclipse Package Explorer

  • The plugin.xml file is located in the root of all plug-in projects, including main and dependent plug-ins.

  • A single redapp.xml file is included in the main plug-in at the root of the project. Dependent plug-ins must not have this file.

  • The META-INF folder is located at the root of the plug-in. The MANIFEST.MF file is located in this folder.

  • If a plug-in project includes internationalization services, the plug-in properties files and the resources folder are located in the root of the plug-in project. The resources folder includes the messages properties files.

  • Other custom folders, such as images, are located in the root of the project.

  • If a Red App consists of multiple plug-ins, you will have a separate project for each plug-in within Eclipse package explorer. Only one of your projects includes a dependency to the other plug-in via an entry in MANIFEST.MF.