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Grouped Itinerary Response:

Branded Fares Shop:





Description of the program. A program is a set of fare brands with a point of sale and origin and destination that is designed to be marketed with services desirable to customers.

For example, the branded fare named "Thrifty" may have no special features or options for customization, and it is offered at the lowest price. A slightly higher priced option, such as the "Flexible Saver" fare, would have features like no penalty for cancellation. Finally, the "Power Flyer" fare would be offered at the highest price and may include a full set of features such as lounge access, limousine service, free baggage, and seat options.




Sample SOAP Value

									<FareComponent ProgramID="129987" ProgramCode="DOMBE" ProgramName="AABFDOMBE1S" ProgramSystemCode="H" BrandID="A2" BrandName="MAIN CABIN"/>