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Profile Prefs Refresh

Sabre Red 360 Software Development Kit provides a capability for refreshing hotel, car and air preferences read from profile. Whenever developer decides that after some application operations it is necessary to reload profile preferences content, then it can be done by using this service.

Dependencies and classes

Below you can find a list of required dependencies.

Minimal Required Dependency



To be able to use Profile Prefs Refresh Service you have to add the authorization entry to your redapp.xml file in <RedApp></RedApp> section, with selected threshold value and metric:

<Authorization name="" threshold="10" metric="tps" />

The following code snippet demonstrates refreshing profile preferences.

ISRWCommunication com = Activator.getDefault().getServiceReference(ISRWCommunication.class);

ClientResponse <ProfilePrefsRefreshRs> response = new ProfilePrefsRefreshServiceClient(com).send(new ProfilePrefsRefreshRq());

if (response.isSuccess())
    Collection <IError> errors = response.getErrors()

See com.sabre.redapp.example3.desktop.pnr sample for implementation.