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Content Services for Lodging (CSL)

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The CSL guide is meant to be a guiding document, which provides ample information related to a set of flexible lodging APIs delivering millions of property options, data normalization, and new search and agency preferencing capabilities.

This is the reference document you can have a quick look at and find any CSL related information. Also provided in the guide are the related links to different CSL pages on the Sabre Dev Studio.

Getting Started

For progressive, time-bound, simple booking processes, what matters most is the substantial lodging content, more efficiency, agent control-  helping your company increase revenue.

Stay Safe with Content Services for Lodging

Content Services for Lodging APIs provide the ability to search for and identify properties that have implemented enhanced safety protocols to provide a safe stay for the guests

6 Powerful Ways Content Services for Lodging Will Change How You Access Hotels Today

Refer to this blog to know more about the powerful ways of changing how you access hotels.

Content Services for Lodging (CSL)

Have a look at the quick start guide for Content Service for Lodging, which gives you a detailed walkthrough to learn more.

Accessing Aggregator Content

The API client/agency can decide from which supply sources they wish to access the content. GDS chain content is available by default through Content Services for Lodging. 

CSL Migration Guide

What happens when APIs change? Content Services for Lodging Migration Guide assists developers in changing their source code when adapting to an API upgrade.

Orchestrated APIs

Refer to the below pages for detailed information about some of the vital orchestrated APIs:

Granular APIs

The granular APIs are more specific services that focus on a smaller set of content that can be used for integration into a more customized workflow.


Need more support on integrating Content Services for Lodging into your workflow? Check out the below resources for more information.

Sample Apps: