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Passenger Name Record (PNR) Collection

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What Is It?

What is it?

This bundle is a collection of APIs that are the necessary tools and services for ordering a flight. Once you have successfully found an offer through our offer suite sub-bundle, the Order Suite is your next step; it'll allow you to proceed with ordering the flight.

It offers the following APIs, all of which are available for browsing with further details via their links in the Reference page:

Retrieve Itinerary (SOAP)

Create Passenger Name Record (SOAP & REST)

Passenger Details (SOAP)

Update Itinerary (SOAP)

Orchestrated Air Booking (SOAP)


Why use it?

This bundle includes some of our best performing APIs when it comes to ordering a flight and its itineraries. Going through and understanding the process of ordering a flight with Sabre has never been as easy as it is now!

Why Use It?