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Price Modifier - Mark-up

The Mark-Up capability streamlines the sales process and improves airline workflow with the ability to auto-price an itinerary with a specified amount at point-of-sale, and it gives carriers greater sales control to earn the highest margin with an easy-to-use Mark-Up feature.

Both markup and discount can be applied at the same time (NOTE: If a carrier wants to choose plus-up (markup) and discount at the same time, then the precedence must be set in DR through rules).


  1. The airline calls /products/air/search POST to obtain the list of available flights to the passenger.
    The field - trendindicator passes with the shopping request. trendIndicator string has to match the same exact string set up in Dynamic Retailer (Flight Promotion) rule, otherwise, the mark up will not apply. If the passenger returned to the same search X times, the price increase is added to the basic fare. Taxes are increased and recalculated accordingly to the new total prices.
    The airline can format the information for display to the passenger.
  2. The passenger selects a flight.
  3. The airline submits /products/air POST to add selected flight to the itinerary.
  4. The airline prompts passenger for passenger details e.g. passport information.
  5. The airline uses /passengers POST to add a Passenger to the itinerary.
  6. The passenger can continue shopping by selecting seats and ancillaries, according to the airline’s shopping sequence. Product cart is updated.
  7. When the passenger indicates that shopping is complete the airline obtains available payment options for the current itinerary by calling /paymentOptions GET.
    The airline can format the information for display to the passenger.
  8. When the passenger selects the form of payment, completes the payment and decides to purchase, the airline initiates the purchase and ticketing process by calling /purchase POST. If authorization is successful, the /purchase service will create a PNR, EMD(s), etc.
  9. The response indicates whether the purchase is successful.
    The airline formats this information for display to the passenger.
  10. The passenger specifies a PNR for review.
  11. The Airline submits a /pnr GET request.
    The airline can format the information for display to the passenger.