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Price Breakdown

Exposing the Price Breakdown per Document (VCR & EMD) in the PNR Retrieval Response

PNR retrieval response includes price breakdown per document (VCR & EMD):

  • VCR
    • BaseFare Amount and CurrencyCode
    • Taxes Amount, Tax CurrencyCode and TaxCode
    • VCR Status
    • Endorsements
    • Tourcode
  • EMD
    • For each EMD (EMD-A, EMD-S) document
    • Total Amount and CurrencyCode
    • Taxes Amount, Tax CurrencyCode, TaxCode
    • EMD Doc Number
    • Commercial Name

Applies to all flows:

  • The Revenue (B2C) Flow;
  • Manage Your Booking – Book Now Pay Later (MYB:BNPL);
  • Manage Your Booking – Change Itinerary (MYB:CI) Flow;
  • Manage Your Booking – Cancel and Refund (MYB:CR) Flow;
  • Manage Your Booking – Modify Trip Options (MYB:MTO) Flow.

In the case of Exchange flow, we only display the price breakdown of the new VCR and EMD.