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Preparing to Create and Upload a Red App Bundle

Before you submit your Red App bundle to Sabre for validation and certification, review the and prepare the items in the following lists. Then choose the appropriate procedure to create and secure your bundle.

View the Quick Checklist

  • Verify your Red App name and Red App ID. You can find this information on your proposal on the Dev Centre.

  • Verify the syntax of your company name. You can find this on the Sabre Red App Centre in Settings.

  • Verify that your Red App complies with all security requirements. See the Red App Security Requirements on the Dev Centre in the Development Resources section.

  • Prepare the information and documents that Sabre requires you to submit with your Red App. Red Apps that handle or access cardholder or personal data are also required to fulfill additional special requirements. See the Red App Security Requirements on the Dev Centre in the Development Resources section.

  • Review all contracts and contract attachments that you have with Sabre, and ensure that you fulfill all requirements.

  • Verify that your Red App project meets all Red App requirements and Red App standards as stated in the Red App help.

  • Review the Red App Advisories.

  • Ensure that your Red App version number is appropriate for the release type.

  • Purchase a digital certificate from one of the certificate authorities that Sabre approves.

  • Review the process for submitting a Red App. Sabre requires you to provide some marketing information when you upload your bundle, such as an image file of your logo.

Items to Prepare

  1. Either create or make final updates to your redapp.xml configuration file. Verify that all entries are present and correct. Ensure that your redapp.xml file is well-formed, and validate the file against redapp_schema.xsd File.

  2. Add the required project files to your binary build. See Binary Build Requirements.

  3. Create the layout or directory structure for your Red App bundle ZIP file. See Red App Bundle Requirements.

  4. Add all plug-in JARs to the /plugins directory in your bundle.

  5. Create a destination folder on your local drive for your Red App bundle.

Choose the Appropriate Procedure to Create a Bundle

To create and secure your Red App bundle, choose one of the following options.

  • Manually create and secure your bundle. If you choose this procedure, you create the and bundle.crt files yourself, sign your JARs, and create the ZIP package.

  • Run the Red App Bundle wizard. The Red App Bundle wizard creates the and bundle.crt files and signs all JARs in your bundle automatically. To use Red App wizards, you must install the Red App development tools. For installation procedures, see How Do I Start?.

        Choose the wizard procedure that is appropriate for your Red App project: