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Pre-requisites and Assumptions

Web Modules are run-time loaded "plug-ins" for SR360, that allow developers to contribute Graphical Widgets within the SR360 and customize users' workflow when integrating external content or just enforcing business rules.  

Wrapping the Web Module inside the Red App, allows not only allows developers to take advantage of Red App Centre Marketplace and Provisioning, but also to incorporate and make use of the latest and the greatest additions to the SR360 on their existing "traditional" Red Apps.

TypeScript is the main development language for Web Modules, but also expect same traditional Java/OSGi implementations when it comes to "back-end" services, like Extension point services, events and data handling, or just to wrap and generate compatible Red App bundle.

The below software/packages are pre-requisites for the Red App and Web Module development environment:

  1. Eclipse IDE for RCP and RAP Developers 2021-12 and required by it any distribution of JDK 11 or greater set in the environment settings or set as the -vm argument in ini file.

  2. AdoptOpenJDK 8u282 required for the Red App and Web Module Development.

  3. Sabre Red 360 Developer Toolkit which includes:

    • Target platform for Development

    • Offline Bundle for Web Module development

    • Dev tools for Red App development for Eclipse

    • Examples

    • Documentation.

  4. IDE that supports TypeScript (such as: Sublime, Visual Studio Code, Webstorm).

  5. Node (in version 10.15.3) that includes NPM (in version 6.4.0).