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Point of Sale and Point of Origin

Digital Connect has two options to select Pseudo City which will be used for the purpose of booking:

  • Choose it based on the Point of Origin (POO) and match it to the configuration
  • Choose based on the Point of Sale (POS) selection

To be able to use Point of Sale feature following steps must be performed:

  • Proper DC pseudo city configuration
  • Adding pointOfSale in the /products/air/search request

In Point of Sale configuration following information must be provided:

  • 2-letter POS code
  • Provide information in which path POS can be used
  • Detailed information on POS:
    • 3-letter Airline PseudoCity code
    • Accounting city
    • Accounting code
    • Office station code
    • Station ID
    • Printer LNIATA
    • Currency code
    • Country code for the purpose of payment authorization
    • Validating carrier

Same configuration applies to the POO and POS.

Additionally, there is also option to provide detailed POS information in /products/air/search request – POS injection. However, this feature is only applicable for B2C flow.