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PNRPublicService exposes a methods to obtain PNR details

Acquiring PnrPublicService

In order to obtain service, you need to import and then obtain it:

import {PnrPublicService} from 'sabre-ngv-app/app/services/impl/PnrPublicService';

const pnrPublicService: PnrPublicService = getService(PnrPublicService);

Available methods

getRecordLocator(): string;

Gets record locator from PNR if PNR is available, undefined otherwise.

displayGraphicalPnr(section?: PnrSectionType): void;

Gets Graphical PNR if PNR is available, undefined otherwise.

Type Parameteres:
section? - pnr section to display

refreshData(): void;

Sends command to refresh current PNR state

See com.sabre.redapp.example3.web.graphicalpnr sample for implementation.