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Plugin Services Overview

Sabre Red 360 Software Development Kit provides the following services and functionality that you can add to a plug-in.

Traditional OSGi Services

  • Agent Profile Service. This service retrieves information from the profile of an agent who is currently logged in to Sabre Red 360.

  • ConfigService. ConfigService is the central plug-in that stores properties from different Red App plug-ins. This service provides a convenient API to read the properties efficiently.

  • Retrieval of agent work area data. You obtain this data by adding IWorkAreaService into your plug-in.

  • Logger Service. The Logger Service class provides the following capabilities:

  • Captures a message in a log file

  • Captures a message that is combined with an exception in a log file

  • Logs an IStatus object with the log(String msg, IStatus status) method in this class. IStatus is an interface in the Eclipse framework that passes the outcome of an operation.

  •         It is strongly recommended that you add logging to your Red App.

  •         The Encode/Decode service encodes or decodes text for a specified category.

Other Plug-in Services

        This extension point is required in the main Red App plug-in in your Red App bundle. Your contact information must be available on Sabre Red 360 so that your users can contact you for help with your plug-in.

        The SDK defines a process and provides a special Sabre Red 360 class for translation. The process is based on I18n and is adapted for use with Red Apps and Sabre Red 360. By using the Sabre Red 360 class and by preparing the files that this book describes, you can translate all action labels, view labels, text, and forms that are present in the Java code and plugin.xml in your project.

        Sabre Red 360 and the Sabre Red 360 Software Development Kit support the following languages:

German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Portguese, and Russian

  • Long-running operations that are based on the Eclipse Jobs API

    • Unpacking and copying resources from a plug-in to the workspace automatically. This is for plug-ins that are local web page applications. You can either retain existing versions of files or you can overwrite files with newer versions.

    • Accessing resources. This service uses Java methods to obtain local resources, such as files or images, that are encapsulated inside a plug-in, and Java code for storing and loading information from files in the workspace.