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Passenger Type

ClosedDoes Bargain Finder Max support the various passenger types, such as Infant, Student, Youth, Military, and Government?

Bargain Finder Max supports all ATPCO passenger types.


ClosedHow do I specify multiple passenger types (ADT and CNN) in the request?

Use the following XML request snippet. Also, use the appropriate ATPCo passenger types for the PassengerTypeQuantity/@Code attribute.

                 <PassengerTypeQuantity Code="ADT" Quantity="1"/>
         <PassengerTypeQuantity Code="CNN" Quantity="1"/>


ClosedHow can I force Bargain Finder Max to return only the passenger type in my request?

You can set the XOFares Value attribute to true in the request, which will return only the passenger types that are requested. Use the following XML request snippet:

<XOFares Value="true"/>