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Parameters for UpdateReservation RQ


RequestType is used to define how PNR data will be retrieved. It can be set to: Stateless, Trip, Stateful. Stateful request mainly deals with PNRs that have not been committed; therefore Locator cannot be mandatory. Stateless/Trip request deals with PNRs that have been committed and stored in database. This request type requires PNR Locator.

Attribute Description
commitTransaction allows control if ET should be called at the end of STATEFUL call. This option is ignored in STATELESS mode. Set to False by default.
initialIgnore allows to control if IG should be called at the beginning of STATEFUL call. This option is ignored in STATELESS mode. By default it is set to false.


ReturnOptions are used to define format and data range of response payload.

Element Attribute Description
UnmaskCreditCard ReturnOptions contains the attribute UnmaskCreditCard and by default the value of the attribute is false. When a request is made with this attribute as true the user must have the EPR keyword CCVIEW; in the response the credit card information will be presented in unmasked format, else the credit card information will always be in masked format.
ShowTicketStatus "ShowTicketStatus" is for specifying whether user wants status for each ticket or not.
Language "Language" is used to translate attributes (like Cabin name)
PriceQuoteServiceVersion “PriceQuoteServiceVersion" is used to specify version of webservice used to obtain PQ content. Set to by default to 3.2.0
RetrievePNR Number of data elements returned in each response can be further narrowed using the optional values of RetrievePNR
RetrievePNR=”true” to show details of PNR
IncludeUpdateDetails Number of data elements returned in each response can be further narrowed using the optional values of IncludeUpdateDetails. IncludeUpdateDetails=”true” to show details of PNR
ReturnLocator Determines if the response should contain locator information if available during update operation. This setting is independent of RetrievePNR setting. true or false
SubjectAreas "SubjectAreas" specifies particular information to be included in response message if they are stored in the PNR.
ViewName The PNR data present in the response payload depends on the specified View. Number of data elements returned in each View can be further narrowed using the optional values of RetrievePNR =true/false or IncludeUpdateDetails =true/false.
ResponseFormat ResponseFormat enables to define how response payload will be formatted and value should be STL.


Choice of one of "ReservationUpdateItem", "ChangeNbrInParty", or "GMRUpdate"

Element Attribute Description
CreateDate PNR creation date that is used as part of PNR identifier (both active and inactive PNRs
Locator Identifies a particular PNR. Locator is optional only if RequestType is set to Stateful, in such case information is taken from current user session (AAA). Web Service design allows to process only one Locator per request. Request containing multiple Locators will not be processed correctly.
ReservationUpdateItem Element to make updates to a reservation
GMRUpdate Group Management Record to be used with the Group Mgmt tool.
ChangeNbrInParty Used when the user wants to increase or reduce the number of passengers in a PNR.
LinearEntryRequest Linear entry requests such as "CKS*" coming from Terminal Gateway, restricted for Internal Use at this time
ReceivedFrom Used to identify the person creating the PNR.


Element Attribute Description
Parent Parent Key value of the parent item being associated to
Child Key value of the child item being associated


UpdateToken element in request will assure update attempt on the most recent copy of the PNR. If token used in RQ message doesn’t match token in the latest PNR’s instance then respective error message will be thrown “PNR PREVIOUSLY UPDATED ? LATEST CHANGES NOT APPLIED”.
UpdateToken element will trigger Ignore transaction before unpacking PNR into AAA and as well as after End Transaction.


RawContent is a string used to identify the PNR.


Partition is a string used to identify the partition, e.g. AA, B6.


Allow the user to add Queue Placement of where the PNR should be placed.


Provides ClientContext when calling the downline services: Web Check In; Web RES; Interact Check In; Interact RES; Kiosk Check In; TTY; PRS; GSM; SSCI. If context is set in UpdateReservation request -master PNR is retrieved in response.

Name element allows users to provide information about the caller to the service. This parameter is currently available with customization.