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Sabre Native API was created to allow usage of Sabre API outside of Red Apps. This capability is achieved by communicating via queues (ActiveMQ) exposed by SR360 for each application.

Supported Version

Minimal required version of ActiveMQ is 5.14.1.

Red App

In order to enable Native API feature for your application you need to create a simple Red App which tells SR360 to create a queue dedicated for your application. The Red App needs to contribute to the Native API extension point "com.sabre.edge.dynamo.nativeapi". This has to be declared in plugin.xml file by adding the following entry:

<extension point="com.sabre.edge.dynamo.nativeapi"/>

See Native API sample plugin for details.

Keep in mind that this is not a regular Red App - it does not need to contain any business logic, and its sole purpose is binding your application to SR360.

In addition, in the plugin manifest file, following dependencies need to be added to Native API Red App plugin:


There is also an optional dependency that contains scheme description: