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The workflow extension is a point in the flow which is executed like any ordinary task, however, unlike it, it does not have its own logic inside; the logic is delivered by Red App by registering its handler to the specific flow’s extension point.

Workflow Extensions for Desktop Client

For desktop Red Apps there are available the same workflow extension points as for web side. Summary of all available workflow extension points can be found here: Workflow Extension Points.

The difference is that in order to register the extension, specific interface has to be implemented and registered in plugin.xml file for java Red App. You cannot use desktop features and desktop APIs on the web side.

Example Usage

You can find examples of all Java workflow extension points contributions in sample.

By default, this sample for each extension point does not change the data model and returns the CONTINUE status. However, if the appropriate remark is defined, a pop-up window will be shown with an XML representation of the data model and buttons allowing to define the return status (CONTINUE or ABORT). Remark EXTP-DISP-J enables this pop-up window for all extension points but it is also possible to enable the pop-up window only for one extension point, by adding a suffix to the EXTP-DISP-J remark with the name of the extension point, e.g.:






If the extension point allows data modification then it will be possible to edit the XML representation of the data model on the pop-up window. Invalid data modification may cause errors and cancels the processing of the flow.

extp disp j