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Other Questions

ClosedHow can I request only non-stop flights?

Use the following XML request snippet to request only non-stop flights.



ClosedDoes Bargain Finder Max show all alternative departures and then all alternative returns separately or are they combined as total trips?

Bargain Finder Max returns responses as total trips.


ClosedHow many Origin & Destination information elements does Bargain Finder Max support in a single request?

Bargain Finder Max supports a maximum of 8 segments even though the schema, based on the OTA standard, allows an input of 10 segments.


ClosedCan I request a different number of options than my chosen tier? Can I request 75 options instead of 100 options?

You can only request results for 50, 100, or 200 options based on the tier you have chosen. You can request equal or lower tier values; however, you cannot request a number greater than the tier you are signed up for. If you do want to request a lower value than your tier, you will need to send a specific RequestType value in the request XML.


ClosedWhy am I getting a "No Valid Combinations Found" error message for my request?

There are several reasons why you might receive this error message. One example is if you have MaxStopsQuantity="x" in your request. This qualifier specifies that you want itinerary options that have exactly x stops. If your market does not support service for that number of stops, you will receive the error message. Remove this qualifier and you can receive options.


ClosedHow can I limit my search to only electronic tickets?

Air shopping products do not currently support this functionality.


ClosedWhy does Bargain Finder Max sometimes return lower fares for a specific date pair than for alternate dates?

The search scope of the alternate dates request is much wider than the fixed date request. The shopping service cannot always perform the same depth of search for the alternate date as it does for the fixed date without impacting the response time. We continue to fine tune the quality of response for alternate dates to close the gap between alternate and fixed date searches while still maintaining an acceptable response time.


ClosedWhy am I not able to see the BargainFinderMaxRQ documentation in the Developer Resource Center?

In order to view Bargain Finder Max documentation, you must have the appropriate account privileges in Dev Studio. Please contact webservices support to get access.


ClosedClosedHow do I override the point of sale in my request?

You can override the point of sale (POS) in the PointOfSaleOverride element. Use the following XML request snippet:

If fares are filed in a currency other than the POS currency, the response will reflect the currency of the fare filing.

Request Snippet Example

Response Snippet Example