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The VehRes API (OTA_VehResLLSRQ) is used to reserve one or more rental cars in a PNR. Due to this being a stateful service, a PNR containing at least one passenger name must be in the work area/session is a pre-condition to using this API. You can add the necessary passenger data into the PNR using the service Passenger Details

Common errors

  • REQUEST PENDING-USE 0RCF OR ET TO SEND VIA TELETYPE - This response occurs at the end transaction after booking a direct connect car or hotel segment. The system cannot generate the booking via direct connect due to one of the following reasons: A) The PNR does not have all the necessary data. Most hotel and car vendors require the passenger name field and address to be present in the PNR before making the sell request. B) There is a communication problem with the vendor's system. C) The reservation requires special or manual processing.

The solution for this issue is to enter the missing information specified in the error and resend the sell request using the 0RCF (segment number) For example, 0RCF2 (you can add this information using the service SabreCommandLLSRQ).


If the vendor does not return a confirmation number after adding the missing information and entering the 0RCF format, you can end the transaction again. Please notice that in case this information is not sent, the reservation request is transmitted via teletype which requires 24 to 48 hours of vendor processing.


  • CHECK FX - SUPPLIER DOES NOT SUPPORT EMAIL - This error message is returned due to the supplier not supporting the email address given, the reason why it must be omitted in the sell request. In case it's necessary to add this information to the PNR, it can be added in the previous call (PassengerDetail).
  • DROP OFF LOCATION INVALID - This error response is returned when the selected vendor does not have the drop off location entered available. In this case, you need to check the drop-off location accepted by the vendor.
  • RESERVATION DENIED-RATE NOT AVAILABLE // STATION CLOSED - This error arises due to or the pickup location or the drop of the location, entered at the time of the sale, not being correct. Please check in the previous availability call response to get the correct pickup location and drop off locations.
  • THE FORM OF PAYMENT CODE SELECTED IS NOT VALID - although this is a very descriptive error, it is important to add that for the vendor LL (Localiza) this error could arise due to the fact that they also load the payment information under the tag 'text' under the SpecialPrefs, which is the reason why we recommend to not enter text information for Localiza at the time of the sale.
  • O RATES QUALIFY DUE TO POS - This error means that this sale is not possible due to the "point of sale". In order to avoid this, please check the corresponding permissions of the PCC used.