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OB Fees (Payment Fee Display)

Digital Connect enables airlines to utilize the applicable OB Fee Type R Fees returned at the time of the initial shopping response to disclose option charges to the passenger sooner (on the flight selection display and at time of presenting payment options). 


Airline needs to have OB Fees enabled and OB Fee Type R filed via ATPCO. 


In the shopping flow, airlines can apply and display OB fees with the following sequence of Digital Connect service calls: 

Passenger at the flight search page enters flight search criteria; the airline calls /products/air/search. Product/air/search response will expose the Ob Fee Type T and R. The mandatory T Fees are included in the price and the R Fees are not. 

  1. The passenger selects flights. 
  2. Airline calls /products/air POST to create the itinerary. 
  3. Airline also calls /products, updates shopping cart. Any type T OB fees are displayed in the cart. At this point in the process, no type R Fees have been associated with the booking. 
  4. The airline prompts the passenger for passenger details. The passenger adds passenger details, and the airline processes the passenger details by calling /passengers POST. 
  5. The airline calls /products/obfees, which returns all currently selected type T OB fees. 
  6. The airline calls /products/obfees/available. 
  7. The airline is able to add or remove type R fees, by calling /products/obfees/updateOBFeesTypeR. 
  8. The airline obtains a list of OB fee waiver codes, calls /products/obfees/waiverCodes. 
  9. If necessary, the airline application waives one or more fees, by calling /products/obfees/waive and supplying a valid waiver code.