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Please be aware that Nudge API is available only for Private Red Apps


In-line encouragement also known as Nudge is a SR360 widget acting as an extension to the current "decision support bar".

The "Nudge" widget is available only inline in the following responses: Air Shopping, Air Availability, Sell, Pricing, Hotel and Car.

Nudge Entry Model

  • location: string; - defines for which view nudge should be displayed (possible values: AIR_AVAILABILITY, SHOPPING, HOTEL, CAR, SELL, PRICING)

  • origin?: string; - defines starting point (origin airport) in encoded AIRPORT domain

  • destination: string; - defines end point (destination airport) in encoded AIRPORT domain

  • start: string; - defines start date in yyyy-MM-dd`T`HH:mm:ss format

  • end: string; - defines end date in yyyy-MM-dd`T`HH:mm:ss format

Possible use cases:

General messaging - "Nudge" can be used to address agency general messaging needs. When agent searches for DFW→LAX flight they might be informed about special events in LAX, or that they should use and sell itineraries of an agency’s preferred carrier.

Cross sell - when agent sells a flight, the "Nudge" can offer a workflow shortcut to follow-up products like hotel, car or insurance with respective fields already filled in based on the user’s initial search.

Upsell - Depending on the user’s search criteria and agency’s internal rules the "Nudge" can decide and inform the agent that upselling opportunity is available - for instance business class on this route is only 5% more expensive, etc.

Nudge Flow

Figure 1. dynamo.nudge flow

Extension dynamo.nudge:nudgeInitCommand

Execution time

It will be executed when search results will be returned for:

  • Air availability

  • Air shopping

  • Hotel availability

  • Car availability

  • Sell

  • Pricing

Moreover, nudges from many RedApps are sorted alphabetically using serviceCallback defined in extension point declaration

Data model

  • com.sabre.stl.pos.srw.nextgen.redapp.nudge.v1.RedAppNudgeInitRQ

    • Entries is typeof RedAppNudgeInitEntry - carrying information required to display nudge

  • com.sabre.stl.pos.srw.nextgen.redapp.nudge.v1.RedAppNudgeInitEntry

    • Location - carries information from where RedAppNudgeInitRQ was send, possible options are AIR_AVAILABILITY, SHOPPING, HOTEL, CAR, SELL, PRICING

    • Origin - carries information about departure location

    • Destination - carries information about destination location

    • Start - carries information about start date of the trip

    • End - carries information about end date of the trip

  • com.sabre.stl.pos.srw.nextgen.redapp.nudge.v1.RedAppNudgeInitRS

    • Item is typeof RedAppNudgeItem - it carriers information about nudge to UI

  • com.sabre.stl.pos.srw.nextgen.redapp.nudge.v1.RedAppNudgeInitRS

    • Icon - it carries information about icon which will be display in Nudge. Nudge supports following icon options:

      • INFO

      • WARNING

      • DANGER

      • icon in BASE64 format e.g.

  • Message - it carries text which will be display next to the icon

  • Action is typeof RedAppNudgeAction - it carries information about action which will be invoke

    • com.sabre.stl.pos.srw.nextgen.redapp.nudge.v1.RedAppNudgeAction

  • Id - it carries action identifier which will be return after invoking the action

  • Label - it carries text which Nudge displays in the action button

Type of contribution

It supports only BackEnd type of contribution.

Extension dynamo.nudge:nudgeActionCommand

Execution time

It will be executed after user clicked action button configured in nudge API.

Data model

  • com.sabre.stl.pos.srw.nextgen.redapp.nudge.v1.RedAppNudgeActionRQ

    • ActionId - it carries action identifier which helps to determine what kind of action was invoked

    • Entries - is typeof RedAppNudgeInitEntry - carrying information required to display nudge

Type of contribution

It supports only BackEnd type of contribution.

Example scenario

  1. User launches the Air Shopping search by providing search criteria e.g.: origin airport, destination airport, arrival data, departure date etc.

  2. User is presented with shopping options.

  3. Application displays the "Nudge" widget as part of the shopping response that will provide suggestive message or selling actions (as example above).

  4. User may click of the action button to launch the suggested offer and finalize shopping.

Nudge types & samples

Nudge java API - available only on desktop (Deprecated - advise to use typescript one) image

Nudge typescript API - available on both the web and desktop image