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Please be aware that Nudge API is available only for Private Red Apps


In-line encouragement also known as Nudge is a SR360 widget acting as an extension to the current "decision support bar".

The "Nudge" widget is available only inline in the following responses: Air Shopping, Air Availability, Sell, Pricing, Hotel and Car.

General messaging – "Nudge" can be used to address agency general messaging needs. When agent searches for DFW→LAX flight they might be informed about special events in LAX, or that they should use and sell itineraries of an agency’s preferred carrier.

Cross sell – when agent sells a flight, the "Nudge" can offer a workflow shortcut to follow-up products like hotel, car or insurance with respective fields already filled in based on the user’s initial search.

Upsell – Depending on the user’s search criteria and agency’s internal rules the "Nudge" can decide and inform the agent that upselling opportunity is available – for instance business class on this route is only 5% more expensive, etc.

Possible use cases:

  • User launches the Air Shopping search by providing search criteria e.g.: origin airport, destination airport, arrival data, departure date etc.

  • User is presented with shopping options

  • Application displays the "Nudge" widget as part of the shopping response that will provide suggestive message or selling actions (as example below)

  • User may click of the action button to launch the suggested offer and finalize shopping

        The following figure shows how nudge looks. image