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New workflow extensions

The workflow extension is a point in the flow which is executed like any ordinary task, however, unlike it, it does not have its own logic inside; the logic is delivered by Red App by registering its handler to the specific flow’s extension point.

Workflow Extensions for Desktop Client

Those chapter gives descriptions of all the features of the workflow extension points specific to the SR360 desktop application. Red Apps for the SR360 desktop client can use all the features and APIs dedicated for the desktop side, there are however restrictions on the developers, for example, creating OSGI bundle, redapp.xml etc. You cannot use desktop features and desktop APIs on the web side.

Workflow Extensions for Web Client

The following chapters contain extensions that are supported by the web client. In difference to desktop extensions the execution is moved to the front-end side. It brings some restrictions, for example, you cannot create your own data transfer object (DTO or POJO). The way you bind to specific workflow extensions is based on the modules feature, already known from front-end technology.

Without much effort, you can use web workflow extension on the desktop. In order to migrate to the desktop side, you have to create bundle OSGI, redapp.xml and so on but you don’t have to modify existing code. Your code is fully portable between the web and the desktop client.

Custom logic on workflow abort

Whenever the user (or Redapp logic) chooses to cancel the workflow processing during extension point execution (by returning ExtPointResult with ABORT value) the EXTENSION_POINT_ABORT_EVENT is thrown and can be handled with custom logic. For the details see the link below.