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Multiple Ticket Pricing and Shopping

The Multi-Ticket feature allows you to split the round-trip itineraries into separate one-way outbound and one-way inbounds. The process will be activated by a system rule. There is no change at the beginning of the process where the message is sent to the schedules and availability services. After getting a response from both services, the system will orchestrate three parallel paths (round trip, one way outbound, and one way inbound). All options will be priced separately, and two independent paths with one-way itineraries ensures that none of the cheapest one-way solutions will be missed.

When all solutions are returned from all three paths, the system will be able to take the following actions:

  • Replace round-trip solutions with two one ways when the two one-way solution is cheaper.
  • Add any two one ways that may give a cheaper solution than the cheapest round trip. The number of two one ways to add will be configurable.
  • Return solutions selected into three independent sections: round trip, one way outbound, and one way inbound.

Multi-Ticket includes the following: