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Minimum Connecting Time Validation

The following orchestrated APIs may validate the minimum connecting time (MCT) between newly booked or existing air segments. The validation is controlled by means of the flag: @haltOnInvalidMCT

The validation has been implemented for the following APIs:

API Action code Version Schema location
EnhancedAirBookRQ 3.10.0 EnhancedAirBook@haltOnInvalidMCT
CreatePassengerNameRecordRQ 2.3.0 CreatePassengerNameRecordRQ@haltOnInvalidMCT
AirTicketRQ 1.2.1 AirTicketRQ/@haltOnInvalidMCT
ExchangeBooking 1.0.0 ExchangeBooking/AirBook@haltOnInvalidMCT
PassengerDetailsRQ 3.4.0 PassengerDetailsRQ/PostProcessing@haltOnInvalidMCT
EnhancedEndTransactionRQ 1.0.0 EnhancedEndTransactionRQ@haltOnInvalidMCT
UpdatePassengerNameRecordRQ 1.0.0 UpdatePassengerNameRecordRQ@haltOnInvalidMCT

Error Handling

The Sabre system considers the following scenarios based on the Sabre host's minimum connect time check:

  • "MINIMUM CONNECT TIME EDIT VALID FOR ALL CONNECTIONS" – success response indicating that the minimum connect time is valid
  • "NO CONNECTIONS TO PERFORM MINIMUM CONNECT TIME EDIT" – success response indicating that there are no air segments to validate a connection between
  • Messages starting with "INVALID CONNECT TIME" indicate that the minimum connect time is not valid
  • Messages starting with "CONNECTION SUPPRESSED" indicate that you must first verify the connection time with the carrier directly. The flights are considered "suppressed" at this point.

If @haltOnInvalidMCTisset=“true”, the system stops processing when the "INVALID CONNECT TIME" message is encountered. In this case, the transaction is terminated, and the below error message is passed:

Invalid connect time between air segments -please verify itinerary

When @haltOnInvalidMCTis=“true”, the system will continue processing when the "INVALID CONNECT TIME" message is encountered. In this case, the system will pass the aforementioned message as a warning.