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Migration from MySabre API to SRWRuntime Services

SRWRuntime services provide functionality that is either the same or similar to MySabre API. For a description of the behavior in SRWRuntime, read the topics in the Red App help dedicated to the communications services that you want to use.

MySabre API Java Methods SRWRuntime Communications Services






Active listening or marking up a Sabre command


Active listening or marking up Sabre responses
Markup instructions in Appendix C of MySabre API Programmer’s Reference Manual

Red App developers create a map with MySabre API’s markup instructions for EMU_RESPONSE.
For markup instructions, see Markup Instructions for EMU_RESPONSE.

SabreNotifyListener interface

The Red App registers a listener.
The basis for notifying registered listeners about events is by publishing an Event ID. Each Sabre system or Red App that generates a set of events is responsible for defining a list of events and assigning an Event ID to each event. The Event ID uniquely identifies the event.
Get more information about event listeners.