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Message Broker

Message Broker is an intermediary program/module that is responsible for translating and forwarding messages in specific format from sender to receiver.

By default Sabre Red 360 tries to connect to the broker located by default at tcp://localhost:61616. If the connection is refused, Sabre Red 360 will start its own embedded broker that listens for connections at tcp://localhost:61616. Remote broker is the answer for the need of integration between Sabre Red 360 and external applications in distributed environment like Terminal Services.

Sabre Red 360 can be remotely configured by Sabre Admin to be in specific mode. For Termial Services users it is highly recommended to use remote mode only.


native api embedded


native api remote

It should be noted that ActiveMQ requries Java 8.

Remote broker configuration file can be found in SDK distribution: documentation/resources/NativeApi/activemq.xml.

The difference with default configuration is disabled persistence, in order to reduce disk usage.

<broker xmlns="" brokerName="localhost" dataDirectory="${}" persistent="false">

In ActiveMQ config file, you can modify the limit of concurrent connections for specified protocol and url, by changing the maximumConnections value, be default limit is set to 1000.

            <!-- DOS protection, limit concurrent connections to 1000 and frame size to 100MB -->
            <transportConnector name="openwire" uri="tcp://;wireFormat.maxFrameSize=104857600"/>

Configuraton file is placed in apache-activemq-5.15.3/conf/activemq.xml