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Manually Creating and Securing a Red App Bundle

When you use this procedure, you create the and bundle.crt files, sign your JARs, and create the ZIP package manually.

Before you create your Red App bundle ZIP file, review Preparing to Create and Upload a Red App Bundle. This includes creating a redapp.xml file.

  1. Create a file. Add the content that is shown in the Bundle Components heading in "Red App Requirements."

        Add to your bundle layout.

  1. Create the bundle.crt file and put it in your bundle layout. The bundle.crt is your digital certificate.

  2. Ensure that the Red App bundle layout includes bundle.crt,, the main Red App plug-in JAR and all dependent plug-in JAR files.

        If your Red App is distributed among multiple plug-in projects, be sure to add all the plug-in JARs to the /plugins directory in your bundle. For more information, see Standard Red App Bundle Layout.

  1. Sign all JAR files with your digital certificate to secure the bundle. jarsigner.exe from Eclipse Temurin 1.8.0_402 should be used.

  1. Create the ZIP file for the bundle. See Red App Bundle ZIP File Name.

  1. After your bundle is created, verify your bundle against the Bundle Size.