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Manual Tasks (deprecated)

Manual tasks are specially defined type of tasks which allow interactively get user input from FrontEnd. Human task provides two types of extension points: manual and auto. Manual task prepares data model which is being displayed by FrontEnd to gather user input. The other one works on BackEnd using flow and user input data.

In case when Red App registers its logic only to auto type extension point, then it acts like ordinary extension point.

To have working human task, Red App must provide:

  1. Handler which will provide data model for FrontEnd. This handler must be registered to manual extension type.

  2. Web module which will provide view for data model added to Command Flow in manual extension type.

  3. Handler which will work on gathered user data.

Human task lifecycle:

  1. Flow process reaches extension point.

  2. Manual handler is executed, and data model is sent to FrontEnd

  3. Based on data model in flow FrontEnd shows prepared view, and execution of the flow is suspended until user submit its input.

  4. User provides required input and submits data.

  5. Flow is resumed and gathered user data are passed to BackEnd.

  6. Data are processed in BackEnd in auto type handler and merged to flow data.

  7. The flow goes on

In step 4 user have two additional options which can be choosen:

  • Skip - This option will skip processing manual task and the flow will go on like there wouldn’t be any manual task step.

  • Cancel - This option will terminate whole flow immedatelly.

Default time-out when flow is suspended on step 2 is 15 minutes. After that time flow automatically continues, like when the user would provide no data.