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Main Menu Contributions

A main menu contribution is a menu entry on a sub-menu on the main menu bar of the Sabre Red 360. An insertion point is the location of the menu entry on the sub-menu. When end-users choose a menu entry, a command that corresponds to the menu entry is executed. The figure below shows entries on the File sub-menu.

Sabre Red 360 Main Menu


Sabre Red 360 has the following default main menus and default sub-menu entries.

The item_ID identifies them. (Identifiers and locationURI Syntax for Main Menu Contributions explains item_ID.) You can add contributions to any of the following existing sub-menus, but you cannot add a new menu to the main menu bar.

  • File menu. Default sub-menus are Print Preview, Print, and Exit.

  • Edit menu. Default sub-menus are Cut, Copy, Paste, and Select All.

  • View menu. There are no default sub-menus.

  • Tools menu. There are no default sub-menus.

  • Windows menu. There are no default sub-menus.

  • Help menu. The default sub-menu is About.