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Main and Dependent Plug-in IDs

The Plug-in ID is a unique identifier of a plug-in project within Sabre Red 360 and Eclipse. For Eclipse and Sabre, it is common practice to use the top-level Java package for the project name. The ID consists of lowercase letters.

Main Plug-in IDs

The main Red App Plug-in ID has the following format:



com.yourcompany represents the reverse domain name of the provider of the Red App.

The last part is the Red App name.

The main Red App Plug-in ID must match in the following places:

  • The Bundle-SymbolicName field in MANIFEST.MF. Eclipse populates this field with the value in the ID field on the New Plug-in Project and Overview screens.

  • The Plug-in ID part of the JAR file name

  • The field in the file in a Red App bundle. The file is described in Red App Bundle Requirements.

Sabre also provisions the main Red App Plug-in ID. The ID is seen by end-users in Sabre Red 360 when they choose Help > About Sabre Red 360, and Plug-in details. The plug-in details list all plug-ins that an end-user has. Because contact details must be added to the main Red App plug-in, Sabre Red 360 also displays this ID on the Application Vendor Support dialog. This dialog is displayed by choosing the Contact Us menu.

Dependent Plug-in  IDs

Dependent Plug-in IDs are the top level Java package. They may be anything that describes their purpose. They may also be third party JARs. The format is com`.abc.`xyz