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LLSRQ - Support

Support for LLSRQ

As our valued customer, we appreciate the trust you place in Sabre as your travel technology partner. In the past year, we have taken significant steps towards investing in our technology transformation.

With innovations around every corner, we value your partnership in continuing to revolutionize the travel industry. To ensure that we continue to provide the best services possible, we encourage our customers to upgrade from legacy low-level services to modern services for the best Sabre experience. When using Sabre native legacy commands, the developer must understand the complexities of their Sabre host. Modern services are new or orchestrated services that allow you to focus solely on the business service while we take care of the rest.

Beginning February 1st 2021, all Sabre Low-Level Services (LLSRQs) will have been moved to a self-service model for functional support. Functional support refers to all how-to and error-related questions. Support can be found in the documentation on each service’s page, available in the Product Catalog on Dev Studio. Any system issues or defects related to LLSRQs should be reported to our API Support team via email at

Listed here are the LLSRQ services that were moved to self-service and their modern alternative services. We recommend transitioning to alternative services for the highest quality support available for your business.

If you have any questions, please contact the Support Desk here.