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Legacy Workflow Extensions (deprecated)

This API is deprecated and cannot be used in new Red Apps.
Consider using Workflow Extensions.

Workflow extensions bring the possibility for Red App to extend existing logic in SR360 workflow with new features. It is done by exposing specially defined extension points which can be used by Red App to contribute its logic to it. Workflow extension is a point in flow which is executed like any ordinary task, however, unlike it, does not have own logic inside. Logic is delivered by Red App by registering its handler to the chosen flow extension point. Handler like this is being executed with flow data, the results of execution are merged to flow data. For example, the Red App can display their own GUI after submitting LowFareShopping search form and modify the request before sending it to the service. Customization is optional, so if there is no contributor registered this step in the workflow is skipped.

Manual Tasks (deprecated)