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Launching Red Workspace and Verifying Plug-ins

After you set up your target platform and run configuration, verify that you can run Sabre Red 360 in development mode and run your plug-in in Sabre Red 360. A plug-in must have a UI contribution in order to see it in Sabre Red 360. If the plug-in is a background process, you can add a GUI to capture data or provide feedback.

This topic shows how to do the following:

For the complete procedure to set up a run configuration, see How Do I Start?.

Adding Plug-ins to a Run Configuration

On the Eclipse workbench main menu, choose Run Configurations. Open the Plug-ins tab. In the Workspace group, select the plug-ins that you want to launch in Sabre Red 360.

eclipse runconfig plugintab

By default, Eclipse automatically adds newly imported plug-ins to your run configuration, however, verify this setting on the Plug-ins tab.

  1. To add new plug-ins to your launch configuration automatically, select Add New Workspace Plug-ins to This Launch Configuration Automatically.

        If you do not select this option, you must add new plug-ins manually.

  1. Click Validate Plug-ins, and then click Run to launch Sabre Red 360 in development mode.

If you receive errors when you validate plug-ins, dismiss the dialog and then click Add Required Plug-ins. Click Apply.

Launching Sabre Red 360 in Development Mode to Test Your App

If you have successfully set up your run configuration, the Sabre Red 360 login dialog is displayed.

Sabre Red 360 Login Dialog



  1. Log in with your Sabre CERT login credentials.

  2. Run your plug-in. If your project has GUI elements, such as an editor or a menu entry, you should see those UI elements in Sabre Red 360.

If you receive login errors, consult the Red Apps FAQs to troubleshoot login credentials.

Verifying Support Contact Details in Sabre Red 360

The main Red App plug-in project is required to have contact details.

  1. Verify your support contact information in your main Red App plug-in project. Choose Application Vendor Support from the Help menu in Sabre Red 360.

About Contact Details has an example of the Application Vendor Support dialog.