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The ISeatMapService allows Red Apps to open Graphical Seat Map (GSM) component. This component is used by agents to select or change seats chosen within given PNR.

Using Seat Map

To use this service you need to:

  1. Add the sabre-ngv-seatmap dependency to your plug-in.

  2. Obtain a reference to the ISeatMapService service from sabre-ngv-seatmap/services/ISeatMapService.

  3. Call openSeatMapForFlightSegment method from ISeatMapService service with correct segment number, sample code:

const flightSegmentNumber: number = 2;

const response: SeatMapResponse = getService(ISeatMapService).openSeatMapForFlightSegment(flightSegmentNumber);
Currently, ISeatMapService do not support NDC segments, trying to open Graphical Seat Map for NDC segment will return error.
  1. The openSeatMapForFlightSegment method will return the SeatMapResponse object as a response. In valid cases response will be returned after closing Graphical Seat Map modal, in other unsuccessful cases response will be returned immediately after sending request.

 * Describes results of opening graphical seat map modal.
export interface SeatMapResponse {

     * Specifies if modal was successfully opened
    modalOpenedCorrectly: boolean;

     * Error message
    errorMessage?: string;

More information on using this component and real example is described in the the sample’s documentation.