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Introduction to Plug-in Projects

This topic introduces requirements and standards for Red App plug-in projects, and options for creating plug-ins. It also explains how to verify that you can run your plug-in in Sabre Red 360.

Basic Requirements and Standards for Red App Plug-in Projects

Review the following standards and requirements that are established for Red App plug-in projects:

Options for Creating Red App Plug-in Projects

Sabre Red 360 Software Development Kit gives you several options for creating plug-in projects for Red Apps:

  • Create Projects with Red App Sample Plug-ins. (You may also see Red App sample plug-ins referred to as reference plug-ins, however, this documentation uses the term "sample" plug-in.) These projects are ready to import directly into your Eclipse workspace after you set up your Red App target platform. You can use them as a starting point and build on them to make them your own projects, or you can use these samples for experimentation.

  • Create Projects with Red App Wizards. Most of the Red App wizards add a project with single functionality, such as wrapping a type of technology or creating a UI element. Some wizards, such as the editor or view, are designed to be added to an existing plug-in project. Sabre Red 360 Software Development Kit also includes a Red App Bundle export wizard that creates a Red App bundle for you.

        Before you can use Red App wizards, install the Red App development tools software immediately after you set up your Red App target platform. For installation and setup, see Setup for Desktop Red App Development.

  • Create Empty Plug-in Projects with an Eclipse Wizard. The New Plug-in Project wizard creates an empty plug-in project that has project identification properties. After using this wizard, you need to add functionality, communications, services, or UI elements manually, or you can use a Red App wizard to add some functionality.

Regardless of how you create a plug-in project, your projects must comply with all Red App requirements and standards.

After you create a plug-in project:

  • Add your plug-in to your Red App run configuration.

  • Launch Sabre Red 360 and log in

  • Test your plug-in and verify contact details in a main plug-in