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Inspirational Search and Intelligence APIs

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What is Travel Insight Engine?

What is it?

Air Shopping Inspirational and Intelligence APIs are a comprehensive set of REST JSON services that leverage Sabre's Travel Insight Engine our comprehensive air shopping cache database in ways that allow you to serve your customers at a more personal level, providing relevant information that powers their purchase decision making process as they transition from look to book.    

These lightweight APIs deliver sub-second responses and can be easily integrated in a variety of applications and widgets, from calendar search, to theme-based destination offerings, to fare intelligence information —all elements that ultimately provide a key differentiation factor and help impact the customer's purchase decision.

You can find a list and full details of these APIs under the Reference tab.

Inspirational APIs

Enable efficient searches across large date and geography ranges. Search across different points of sale and ticketing options.

Intelligence APIs

Provide travelers with market insights for a more informed experience to make purchase decisions.

Utility APIs

Reference details specific to the unique parameters in inspirational and intelligence searches.

Why use it?

Inspire your customer with booking ideas for the perfect destination

As customers identify preferences such as activity, experience or geographical regions, Air Shopping Inspirational APIs give you the flexibility to return top destinations within those preferences, which helps improve conversions from looking to booking. These APIs also allow you to create campaigns and packages based on destination and low fare pairing to driving booking revenue.

Educate your customers with travel insights which will enhance their travel purchase decisions using historical data from our Intelligence APIs

Create enticing travel packages and campaigns for your business by providing the most competitive travel options. Implement forecasting and history tools to estimate the optimal purchase time to secure the best possible fare. Use destination trend data to create packages which will encourage customers to book high value (and lowest fare option) itineraries.

Why should you use Travel Insight Engine APIs?