Hotel Descriptive Data Services

Integrate powerful hotel data into your products and services.

What's in it for you?

  • Enhance your products and services with up-to-date content
  • Populate your cache with rich data
  • Build internal APIs while having full control of the information
  • Drive marketing efforts, such as sales alerts and targeted messaging

Sabre® Hotel Descriptive Data Services gives you access to property data for over 176,000 hotel properties available through the Sabre® travel marketplace.

Full hotel descriptive data

Need to maintain a database for customized hotel shopping needs? What about display property content? Then this option might be best for you.

The full hotel descriptive data feed includes hotel property information such as hotel chain, property attributes and amenities, hotel policy, property information, property rating, room description, location and area information, facilities information, award information and more.

Frequency and delivery

  • Provided once per week
  • Data set provides a full refresh every week, not just the changes
  • Delivery method via FTP

Basic hotel property data

Need to conduct basic audits of your property information? Try this option.

The Basic hotel property data feed consists of hotel chain code, property number, hotel name, number of rooms, address, phone and fax numbers.

Frequency and delivery

  • Provided once per week
  • Ability to choose monthly delivery schedule for basic hotel property data
  • The standard delivery method is via FTP
  • A one-time basic hotel property data set is available as a text TXT file as an email attachment

Here are some samples of how we provide the data to you.

056867|BV|BESTVAL|BEST VALUE INN AND SUITES DICKS|BNA|1055 EAST CHRISTIE DRIVE|||Dickson|TN|37055|615-740-0074|615-740-0420|38|US|56867BNA|United States
021191|BX|SUPRANTL|TAIWAN HOTEL BEIJING|BJS|5 JINYU HUTONG WANGFUJING ST|BEIJING  100006||Beijing|||861065136688|861065132349|292|CN|21191BJS|China
054022|BZ|CMNET|NACIONAL VILAGE POCOS DE CALDAS|VCP|AV VER EDMUNDO CARDILLO 3500|CENTRO MG 37706106|BRASIL|Centro||37706-106|55 35 37224222|55 35 37224188|219|BR|54022VCP|Brazil
060934|AR|AC|AC LA LINEA|XRY|LOS CAIRELES 2|LINEA DE LA CONCEPCION||Linea De La Concepcion||11300|34956175566|34956171563|80|ES|60934XRY|Spain
0456|YX|SYNXIS|SINGING HILLS CC AT SYCUAN|SAN|3007 DEHESA ROAD|||El Cajon|CA|92019|619-442-3425|619-442-9574|103|US|456SAN|United States
038414|CP|INTERCON|CROWNE PLAZA|TLV|145 HAYARKON STREET|TEL AVIV ISRAEL 63453||Tel Aviv|||97235201111|97235201114|247|IL|38414TLV|Israel