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Ind (XOFares)

Multiple Fares Per Itinerary:





Indicator for whether to turn on or off return of cheapest unbranded fare referred to as "catch all" fare for the branded carriers from the branded fares service.

When XOFares/@Ind is set to “true,” it will apply the specified fare on all legs of the returned solution. This removes the default application of XO qualifier on MFPI groups.

Also, when XOFares/@Ind is set to “true,” only the fares matching the requested passenger type will be returned on all fare components. Otherwise, the fare matching the specified passenger type will be returned on at least one leg.

Note If you are using this option today in MFPI, you will want to validate your logic is working as expected.




Sample SOAP Value

					<XOFares Ind="true"/>
					<PassengerTypeQuantity Code="ADT" Quantity="2"/>