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Improving Performance

ClosedHow do I compress the XML to improve response payload performance? What are the steps for requesting and testing a compressed response?

Sabre supports compression of web service responses using industry standard HTTP/1.1 gzip. A simple change to the HTTP header is all that is required. You can usually accomplish this with a server configuration change. Compression can be applied to all responses or to individual responses at the customer’s discretion. Documentation explaining XML compression in detail is available on the Developer Resource Center (DRC), see Sabre Web Services - Data Compression.


ClosedDo you have any information on session management so I can better manage the available sessions and improve performance?

You can find documentation explaining session management in detail from the Sabre Web Services (SWS) Developer Start-Up Kit in the Developer Resource Center (DRC).

The document covering session management is titled Connection Management: Best Practices and Strategies.


ClosedWhat is the optimum default departure time for low fare search results?

The optimum default departure time for the majority of markets is 11:00 A.M.

Setting the default departure time to 11:00 A.M. does not guarantee the lowest result, especially for markets with numerous schedules.