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Get Vehicle Availability User Guide

The Get Vehicle Availability (GetVehAvailRQ) API is used to request information about a car rental location, or locations, car types available at a location, and the rates of those cars at the specified location.

Get Vehicle Availability is used to get car rates in one of three ways:

  1. Specific car supplier at a specific location
  2. Select one, multiple, or all car suppliers at an airport location
  3. Select one, multiple, or all car suppliers near a specific Geo Point at one or more rental locations

Note: For a point of interest, rail station name, address, and/or city name, a separate Geo API call must be called to get a latitude/longitude prior to using GetVehAvailRQ.

Use the Geo Autocomplete API to input:

  • A point of interest; for example, the Eiffel Tower
  • A rail station name; for example, Grand Central Station

Use the Geo Search API to input any type of Address information:

  • Street address, city name, state/province, country code, postal code
  • Or, just the city name and country code.

See the Appendix section of this guide for samples of Geo Autocomplete and Geo Search.

Many optional items can be requested, including:

  • Pickup location by airport code, city location code, or geo reference 
  • Multiple pickup location points
  • Return location by airport code, city location code, or geo reference
  • Client ID numbers
  • Tour codes
  • Promotional coupons
  • Corporate IDs
  • Frequent Traveler
  • Guaranteed/prepaid rates
  • Commission programs
  • Rate assured
  • Rate categories
  • Rate codes
  • Rate qualifiers
  • Rate assured
  • Commission
  • Converted rate information only
  • Supplier currency only
  • Special equipment/Car Extra preferences
  • Vehicle preferences
  • Seatbelts (number of occupants)
  • Bags​​​​​​