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General Process for Calling Synchronous Services

You must have a working Red App project with an Activator class.

  1. Use Eclipse to add the minimally required dependencies for the synchronous services in your Red App.

  2. Create a ServiceContext object.

  3. Set the context name of the service to be executed.

  4. Create a request object that is specific to the desired service.

  5. Set your request to context.

  6. Set requestorId.

  7. Set authenticationToken.

  8. Invoke the process() method on SRWRuntime. This method is in a Sabre Red 360 Activator class.

  9. Verify the status and read the response object.

  if(context.getStatus() == ServiceStatus.SUCCESS)
    Response response = context.getResponse();
    List<IError> error = context.getErrors();