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FunctionalDetails CarrierDiversity

Validating Excluded Carriers against Carrier Diversity

If the specified carrier code in Carrier Diversity is excluded in the request (OTA_AirLowFareSearchRQ/TravelPreferences/VendorPref/ PreferLevel=”Unacceptable”) or in the rule on the Excluded Carrier list or is not on the Preferred Carrier list, Bargain Finder Max will not send the conflicting carrier codes to Itinerary Selector. The following warning message will be sent to the user: “Requested Diversity Carrier: CC is on excluded carriers list and will not be processed.”

Preferred Carrier Logic

Carrier Diversity in Air Shopping logic is applicable for the following:

  • All applicable segments on any trip type (one-way, round-trip, open jaw, and multi-destination).
  • Single passenger types, multiple passenger type, Shop Across Passenger Type (SAPT).
  • Multi-Ticket Shopping.
  • Carnival Sum Of Locals.
  • Multiple Fares Per Itineraries.
  • Alternate City Shopping.
  • Branded Fares Shopping.

You can request the following:


Description and Example

Number of options per carrier

Market: LON  FRA

User request: 50 options, 10 K0, 5 U0, 5 I0, 5 XX

Response: 25 carrier specific options and 25 options using existing logic.

Shopping will return a minimum number (if available) of 10 K0, 5 U0, 5 I0 and 5 XX options. The remaining 25 options will be distributed based on shopping diversity logic.

Percentage of options per carrier


Market: LON <- ->FRA

Request: 50 options, 20% K0, 10% U0, 10% I0, 10% XX

Shopping will return a minimum number (if available) of 10 K0, 5 U0, 5 I0 and 5 XX options. The remaining 25 options will be distributed based on current shopping diversity logic.

Request: 200 options, 13% K0

Shopping will return a minimum of 26 K0 options, and the remaining will be distributed per current diversity logic.

Percentage of options per carrier returned are based on number of options in the request, not the number of options returned.

Request: 200 options, 20% K0

Shopping returned 50 options with 40 K0 and the remaining 10 are distributed using current logic. 40 options are 80% of options returned, but 20% of options requested.

Carrier code and carrier diversity number of options

You can define the following:

  • The specific carrier code (Code) for which number/percentage of requested diversity.
  • The general number/percentage of requested diversity applying to all carriers (other than defined specifically)

Both can be used concurrently, and both accept a percentage or number as a value.

Percentage and Number must be absolute values as the schema does not accept decimals in these attributes.

Define whether options should be all online versus interline

Attribute: //@Online. Valid values are true or false. If you do not specify a value, the system will consider both interline and online connections for carriers specified explicitly in the request and for the general ones.

Following is the location in the request schema:


If it is set to true, only online options of carriers are taken into consideration within the Diversity.

This parameter applies to all carriers within Carrier Diversity. It is not possible to specify an online indicator for one carrier from the Diversity section only.

User-specified carrier diversity will take precedence over all existing shopping diversity logic as well as diversity parameters defined in Bargain Finder Max rules for options returned for specified carriers.