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Functional Details

Historically, to check pricing and availability of a specific itinerary segment(s), it was required to either create a PNR to hold or open a new session to revalidate a previously booked itinerary. The Itinerary Revalidation API enables the creation of a single itinerary option to be revalidated for price and availability without booking the itinerary and decrementing airline inventory. The itinerary sell process is separate from this API.

When re-pricing a given itinerary, there is no guarantee that the same fare as in any previous search or price request will be returned. The same RBD will be used, but there might be multiple different fares per RBD and, among the possibilities that exist, the system could select a different price.

The functionality allows for any applicable Air Shopping qualifiers to replicate and revalidate the price.

When you re-price a requested itinerary using this functionality, and if the price is validated and fare is available, you will be able to identify the re-priced solution marked as Repriced=”true” in the RevalidateItinRS