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Functional Details

The response includes the following separate sections:

  • Round-trip itineraries with round-trip price only.
  • One-way itinerary for outbound with one-way price only.
  • One-way itinerary for inbound with one-way price.

The response with round-trip itineraries includes the cheapest solutions of round trip and two one ways. Both types can be mixed and returned in the correct order from the cheapest to the most expensive.

You can choose the most applicable or most convenient one-way solutions and build the round-trip itinerary manually.

Using optional parameters, you can request the lowest fare for an itinerary by considering two one-way flight combinations to be issued in two separate tickets. This optional parameters reduces the number of queries (single call versus multiple) by enabling you to request both one-way (OW) and round-trip (RT) solutions for the same itinerary simplifying the process.

Optional parameters allow you to choose between three different types of responses for multi-ticket solutions as follows:



Types of Requests


Show One-Ways separately—first show the standard RT response, and then show OW for the first and second legs separately.

When using SOW in the request, you will receive RT and OW (outbound and inbound) solutions for the same request. One-way solutions will be presented in two separate sections (OW outbound and OW inbound) and not as a combination of two OW solutions combined into one RT itinerary. This is equivalent to using three requests: 1xRT, 2xOW.

For shopping, rules control the number of options for the RT, OW outbound, and OW inbound.

This is available for all types of shopping requests.


Compares the single ticket fare with the multi-ticket fare (up to two tickets) and indicates the lowest fare for both. The sum of the two-ticket solution is compared to the total of the single ticket solution, and only the lowest of these is returned. This uses the following process:

  • Customer receives lowest solutions between RT and OW solution for the same request. OW solutions will be for the same request. OW solutions will be presented as a combination of separate one-way tickets into one round trip itinerary.
  • With SCHS, three types of response scenarios are possible:

    • Mix of two OWs and single ticket solutions.
    • Only single ticket solutions.
    • Only MT (two OWs) solutions.

This is not available for Shop Across Passenger Type (SAPT) requests.


Similar to SCHS, yet with additional fare combinations for comparison (consisting of either two OWs and RTs, whichever is lowest), up to the default limit of 16 fares that can be presented under one itinerary option.

There is no guarantee to always return both two OWs and RTs for each itinerary for comparison and for the lowest two OWs solutions (combined as one round-trip itinerary) will return a RT solution including the same flight segments and calculated as one RT ticket (if available).

This is available only for Shop Across Passenger Types (SAPT) requests.