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Functional Details

The Multiple Fare Per Itinerary feature is applicable to Bargain Finder Max only. You can create up to 10 user defined groups with up to 6 associated fare attributes per group. This feature is applicable to one-way, round-trip, and multi-destination itinerary requests.

Fare Attributes

All Multiple Fares Per Itinerary fare attributes are optional. A mix of attributes per group is allowed, using “AND” for different attributes and “OR” for same attributes.

Following are accepted fare attributes:

  • Fares without restrictions.
  • Exclude fares with advance purchase.
  • Exclude fares with penalty.
  • Exclude fares with min/max stay.
  • Passenger Type Code – If a passenger type is not specified, the “ADT” passenger type code will be used as the default passenger type code.Only one passenger type code is allowed per group.
  • Cabin.Only one cabin is allowed per group. If the requested cabin is not offered, no fare will be returned.
  • Account ID/Corporate ID.
  • Public Fare.
  • Private Fare.

Multiple Fares Per Itinerary will use the specified total number of passengers in the existing qualifier for each parameter group in the shopping request. The user will not enter the number of passengers in the Multiple Fares Per Itinerary request.

Fare Processing

The lowest fare per itinerary will be returned along with the lowest fare per applicable Multiple Fares Per Itinerary group(s). If no fare is available for the defined Multiple Fares Per Itinerary group, shopping will not return a fare for the group. Also, a fare will not be returned if no applicable solutions are found for any of the Account Codes or Corporate IDs. Multiple restrictions per group are allowed in a single request; all must be applicable for a solution to be returned. Multiple Account Codes/Corp IDs are allowed per group in a single request. The one providing the lowest solution will be applied. Each group and its attributes are considered completely independent.

Combining Fares

As with existing functionality, Multiple Fares Per Itinerary will not allow the combination of the fares without restrictions qualifier with the following parameters:

  • Exclude fares with advance purchase.
  • Exclude fares with penalty.
  • Exclude fares with min/max stay.

This feature is combinable with applicable Air Shopping search qualifiers (for example, Air Extras, time window, and preferred carrier).